You just had an accident and you are not Mobile.!!!? Not having your vehicle after an accident can be tough and stressful. We understand this and that’s why our courtesy rental service aims at providing you with a relief car whilst you wait for yours to come out from the garage.

Why Insurance Rental Coverage

City Drive has partnered with various insurance companies in order to provide this service.When your car is involved in an accident simply request for a courtesy car from City Drive via your insurer.We will then get in touch with you and handover the vehicle.Your Insurer will take care of the car rental bill and pay directly to City Drive.

Its therefore important that you add courtesy rental coverage to your Insurance policy.Arrange this with your insurance company at the time of buying/renewing your insurance.Courtesy vehicle rental will come in handy in the event of an accident


STEP 1.A misfortune happens to your vehicle.

STEP 2. You contact your broker or insurance company to arrange a Courtesy vehicle for you.

STEP 3. Your broker/Insurance company will then contact City Drive to hand over a courtesy vehicle to you

STEP 4. Once your car has been repaired you give back the courtesy car and get yours from the workshop.

Don’t have Rental Coverage? GET UP TO 10% DISCOUNT..

If you don’t have rental coverage worry not. We will still offer you a courtesy vehicle at a discount. Get up to 10% discount off your courtesy car rental bill. We will quickly put you back on the road. To qualify for the 10% discount we will need;

1.A copy of the police report of the accident on your car

2.Copy of insurance for the vehicle involved in an accident.

.Benefits of Courtesy vehicle Rental.

-Ensures continuity.You don’t have to be stuck and immobile just because your car is in the garage.Rent a temporary car to use and life goes on

-Convenient.Once you request a car via your insurance company we will give you a car to use right away.

-Value for your Money. Even if you don’t have rental coverage we will offer you great cars in good conditions at a discount.GET UP TO 10% DISCOUNT OFF YOUR BILL.