Travelling tips

  • 1view_columnCOUNTRY OVERVIEW

    Travelling and camping in Zambia can be a lot of fun.The country is full of friendly welcoming people not to mention great wildlife and great landscape. The country is a multiparty democracy and has been independent since 1964 witnessing 6 peacefull transition of power .Zambia is ranked amongst the most peaceful countries in the world having never experienced any civil strife.
    It has a population of about 14million people with African blacks making up the larger population.It also has a good population of Caucasian,Indians and people of colour. The country is predominantly christian.However the country tolerates freedom of religion with people of other faiths practicing freely.The country drives on the left and has a good road network.When it comes to camping you can do so in all the major National Parks with ease and a peace of mind

  • 2view_columnWHERE TO START MY TOUR

    You can start your tour from any major city in Zambia where there is an airport for your arrival i.e Ndola,Lusaka or Livingstone e.t.c. A delivery fee will apply for Ndola and Livingstone

  • 3view_columnBANK AND MONEY

    Carry enough cash if possible. Whilst you will be able to pay with your VISA, MASTERCARD OR AMEX Credit card in most parts of the country some remote parts will require you to pay cash. Some fuel filling stations will accept credit card but most will want cash. The local currency used is the Kwacha and you can change your foreign currency at major banks and various Forex conversion agencies around the cities.

  • 4view_columnSAFETY AND SECURITY

    Petty theft is as common as any major city where unemployment is high. Be very awake when walking around carrying anything of value. Never leave your vehicle unlocked and never change money on the streets. For the most part, however, Zambians are very friendly and helpful.As far as personal safety is concerned, one could easily hitchhike alone throughout the country without a problem. Theft however is possible in the bigger towns and cities as it is the world over. Don’t walk around with things you can’t do without, like your passport or airline tickets. Carry minimum amounts of cash and keep it hidden or in a money belt and if possible, don’t leave your car unattended. This is less of a problem in the rural areas. Emergency Numbers
    o Emergency – 999
    o Police – 991
    o Lusaka, Central Police Station – 0211 220006
    o Lusaka, Central Fire Station – 0211 220180
    o Lusaka, Ambulance Service – 0211 220180
    o National Telephone Operator – 100
    o National Directory – 102
    o International Operator – 090
    o Ambulance – 991
    o Fire Brigade – 993
    o Hospital UTH – Lusaka: General Line – 0211 251200
    o Hospital UTH – Lusaka: Casualty Direct Line – 0211 254115
    o Livingstone Central Police – 0213 3 323575/320116
    o Livingstone Fire Station – 0213 324043


    City Drives 4x4 Safari campers are designed to withstand the somewhat tough Zambian terrain and bush. Zambia has 12 National Parks. The majority are easily accessible by road. For those traveling to Liuwa plains National park a tough 4x4 in good condition is required with good fuel tank capacity since most part of the journey has no fuel filling station. City Drive provides 40 ltrs worth of extra fuel capacity in the form of jerry cans/canisters.Most Zambian maps are user friendly and at City Drive we will give you a free user friendly map as well as a free GPS Device to help you get around.City Drive provides various suggested itineraries which will advice you where to go,activities to do,where to camp and what to see.To view our suggested itineraries visit Itineraries page

    City Drive has patnered with campsites which provide one of the best services.These are our recommended campsites and booking your campsite through us will save you atleast 20% off your bill.For a full list of recommended partner campsites visit The 4X4 Safari Camper.

    The roads in some national parks may be narrow and of gravel.Its therefore advisable to drive at moderate speeds so as to avoid accidents.In some national parks you will encounter wildlife whilst on the major roads hence drive carefully with caution.

  • 6view_columnMEDICAL AND HEALTH

    You will need a yellow fever certificate if you are travelling from an infected area. Malaria is prevalent in the low lying areas of the country which include most of the good wildlife destinations. Doctors advise taking prophylactics two weeks before arrival and continuing two weeks after leaving. Your chemist or doctor can advise you of the most suitable drug available as certain drugs lose their effectiveness.

    Tap water in the major towns is purified and perfectly safe to drink. In the more remote areas always boil it first, except if you’re staying at a lodge or hotel where drinking water is boiled already. Bottled water is readily available in the bigger towns.

    Travelers should carry an adequate supply of their prescribed medicines with them although chemists in the major centres carry a wide range of medicines and first aid accessories. There are some emergency chemists open after hours on Sundays in Lusaka.

    Medical services are underdeveloped and only in Lusaka, Ndola and Livingstone can you find anything resembling western standards. There are a number of small clinics in Lusaka which are better than the general hospitals, but the clinics in the rural areas usually only have the basics.

    Medical insurance should be purchased before you leave your own country and should include emergency air evacuation coverage if you’re spending any time in remote parts of the country. There are two medical rescue organisations.

  • 7view_columnCOMMUNICATION

    Zambia telecommunication infrastructure covers most parts of the country with good mobile network coverage. This means that you are able to roam using your mobile phone from your home country.However in remote areas there is no network coverage and you might need a satellite phone. City Drive provides advanced satellite phones at reasonable rental prices.