• 1view_columnWhat type of a vehicles are they?

    Both vehicles are Premium Double cabs 4x4’s. Ford Ranger or Similar .See Specs under vehicle.

  • 2view_columnWhat is the size of the tank?

    The tank of the cars is 90 Ltrs however we provide two 20ltr canisters/jerry cans for extra fuel.

  • 3view_columnWhat comprise the camping equipment?

    The camping equipment is everything you need out there. You can find a full list of the camping equipment on our website. Kindly Click Here to view our 4x4 Safari camper equipment. This ranges from stove, plates, knives, spoons,Fridge/Freezer e.t.c

  • 4view_columnDo you give a GPS?

    We will provide to you a free GPS device which will help you get around.

  • 5view_columnWhat about a satellite phone?

    Satelite Phones can be provided at an extra cost of $7.00

  • 6view_columnWhat does insurance include?

    The vehicle is comprehensively insured. However there is an Excess of 10% payable by the client in the event of damages to the car whilst on hire.Zero excess insurance is non available in Zambia hence clients will still be required to contribute atleast 10% towards damage costs of the car in the event of an accident or theft.Since our campers are valued at $41,000.00 for the camper 1 and camper 2 the maximum in any event which a client can pay is $4,100.00( 10% of the value) or less depending on the damage costs.Clients are adviced that Zambia is a very safe place and cases of motor vehicle theft are very rare.

  • 7view_columnHow much do National parks charge?

    National parks entry fee range from $20.00 to $30 per person depending on the park but you need to get the exact figures from that specific park where you will be going. If you are going to camp, there is also a camp fee and its dependent on the services of that campsites

  • 8view_columnWhat places of interest can one go to for a camping Safari?

    Regarding the various places to go for your tour and the activities to do there, we have a suggested itinerary guideline on our website. Kindly Click Here to visit our adventure camper page.

  • 9view_columnHow does the Fridge/Freezer work?

    The fridge/freezer is plugged into the battery intelligent/Power Pack situated at the back of the vehicle.This enables the fridge/freezer to continue working even when the vehicle is off and can freeze to below 0 degrees.

  • 10view_columnHow many plugs does the car have?

    Both the camper 1 and 2 have 2 plugs.

  • 11view_columnDoes the GPS have National Parks maps or any point (parks gates, camps)?

    As long as the landmark is recorded on the map, it will show on the GPS.

  • 12view_columnDo you provide the extra tents or we have to bring them?

    All extra ground tents can be provided at a Fee of $5.00/K50.00 Per day.