To get lower rates on accessories, ensure you book a vehicle first.

Add cool accessories to your hired vehicle or hire the accessories separately. We have a wide range to choose from including Ground Tents,GPS device,Satellite Phone,Fridge,Freezer,Cooler Box, E.T.C.

Baby Seats

With Vehicle:$3/K30.00

Without Vehicle:$5.00/K45.00

Satellite Phone

With Vehicle:$7/K60.00

Without Vehicle:$17/K150.00


With Vehicle:$1 /K10.00

Without Vehicle:$2/ K20.00

Cooler Box

With Vehicle:$1/K10.00

Without Vehicle:$2/K20.00

Camping Chair

With Vehicle:$1/K10.00

Without Vehicle:$3/K30.00

Ground Tent

With Vehicle:$5.56/K50.00

Without Vehicle:$22.22/K200.00

Roof Rack