About Us

Put Faces to a Great Name

Meet City Drives Management that ensures that you recieve a quality unique experience

City Drive Rent a Car is a Vibrant, Premier car rental firm with an enthusiastic work force which is dedicated to providing clients with a memorable car rental experience.

With our Vast Experience and expertise in the industry, no vehicle rental problem is too big for City Drive not to resolve. City Drive is a Zambian based car rental firm with an extensive network in the major economic hubs of the country. Whether you are a tourist, VIP or business traveler flying in to the country for that crucial corporate meeting you are assured of a memorable car rental experience as our products and services are tailor made to suit your needs. Our team concentrates on your needs and will work tirelessly to ensure that you are provided with a solution to your problems. Simply put ‘Give us a vehicle transport problem and we will give you a Car rental solution’!

Mission: To develop and provide unique and innovative transport solutions.

Vision: To Create Value and satisfaction to our customers through our services/products and hence become the transport solution provider of choice.


•We at City Drive believe In Zero Tolerance to Corruption and we have cultivated this in to our corporate culture.

•All employees and Clients are to be respected and treated fairly without prejudice.

• The customer is the reason we exist. We design and develop products to add value to our customers lives.

• We believe that all things are possible and through the strength and guidance we receive from the all mighty God we shall work hard to achieve our goals and hence provide satisfaction to our clients.

• Continuous improvements. City Drive places a high priority in ensuring that it develops new products and services as well as improving the existing ones in order to find new solutions for our clients. This is done through our research and development program.